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I began working in glass after taking a course at a local studio. I had created jewelry since my college days, selling at craft fairs and sharing work with friends . A spring fair was coming up so I decided to make some glass pieces as well. I was so pleased with the outcome of the show that I applied and was accepted as a member of Juneau Artists Gallery, the local co-operative style gallery. I was on my path to become a full time artisan.

Many of my flat glass pieces incorporate shells or stones found on the beaches in the area as well as rocks and fossils from around the world. Using these treasures evokes memories of another time or place. I think the simple beauty of natures creations is always a wonderful sight.

Kiln-working glass has been a learning curve. Fusing glass and slumping it into various shapes has become a major part of my product line. It is always an interesting moment when the kiln is opened and there is a new piece to see-and not always what I expected!!

I arrived in Juneau on a stunning June day in 1992, one of the many people who came to Alaska on vacation and stayed. Since then, Juneau and it's surroundings have become home. My husband and I have a cabin on an island not far from town where we try to spend most weekends. It's a pleasure to wake up to the gentle noises of the surf on the beach, the calling of eagles and beautiful scenery that makes southeast Alaska such a wonderful place. Many of the shells I use come from the beaches on the island.

Work is available at:

Spiral Studio, 14183 Otter Way, Juneau AK 99801 (my working studio , phone ahead 907 463.6992)
Juneau Artitst Gallery, 175 S Franklin St. Juneau AK 99801
(907) 586 9891
A Fine Line, Alaskan Gifts, 551 Broadway, Skagway AK (907) 983 2983 (Jewelry only, summer season)
Discovery Southeast Bookstore at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, Juneau
Fall and Holiday Shows 2019:
Holiday Marketplace, Carlson Center, Fairbanks AK November 15-17
Mendenhall Mall Arts & Craft Shows, Juneau Dec
Alaska Juneau Public Market, Centennial Hall, Juneau Nov 29 to Dec 1

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