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red, star, mirror
'Red Star' Mirror, 18" $189 as shown. Also available in 14" for $129 or 11" for $99
'Corona' Mirror available in a variety of colors and fossils, 15" x 5" $79
mussel shells, purple, mirror, square
'Purple Wave' Mirror using local mussel shells, ^/ 10" $89, also available in light blue

Spiral Sun
~7" Shown in Red with silver solder
Cobalt, Turquoise, Green and Orange Glass :
Silver or Copper metal $69
Ancient Nautalis
copper mirror, 13" diameter
Rainforest Waterfront
30" diameter with local shells
agate, curves, mirror
'Curves' Mirror with Brazilian Agate Slice, various colors, 10" x 12" $119
juneau beach, mirror, shells, round
'Juneau Beach' Mirror with local shells; clam, mussel, limpet and barnacle. 10" $109, 8" $79 various colors available
ammonite, amber, mirror, shield, fossils
Ammonite 'Shield' Mirror with fossil Ammonite 7" x 19" $129 various fossils and colors available
Rock of Ages
Fossil ammonites ^/ 23" square
Many color options available
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